Per-Olof Olsson
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The Swede Per-Olof Olsson, born in 1949, is a true autodidact naive artist. He has been a full time professional artist for more than 20 years.

His motives are characterized by people in different well-known surroundings such as the little Swedish town of the 1960s with small local pastries and flower shops or people enjoying a holiday in a Swedish coastal resort. Being part of a family of several generations of pastry chefs, cakes in all forms are important ingredients in his paintings. As a former tenor choir singer, music is essential to his motifs. He has a positive attitude to life and you can clearly see that in his paintings.

Per-Olof works with oil on canvas, gouache, lithographs and sculptures. Besides numerous exhibitions to galleries and companies all over Sweden, he has also exhibited his paintings abroad, for example in the Spain, France, U.S.A., Germany, Denmark, Israel and Finland.

Per-Olof has his studio in Helsingborg, Sweden, right in the fancy harbor area. Meeting people who stroll along the water front gives energy and inspirations to new ideas and paintings.


Malmöhus läns landsting 1979, 1982
Burlövs kommun 1983
Kristianstad läns landsting 1985
Helsingborgs Museum 1987
Landskrona Museum 1987
Lomma kommun 1988
Krokoms kommun 1989
Jämtlands läns landsting 1989
Malmö Museum 1992


HSB Kvarteret Saturnus, Landskrona 1993
Hasse "Kvinnaböske" Andersson´s Lada, Båstad
"Målade klanger i glada toner" 1993
Helsingborgs Stadsteater
Scendekor, Malmö Konserthus till
Björn Hallmans musikal "Tomtens Önskelista" 1993
AG varuhus Höganäs 2000
Konditori Fahlman, Helsingborg 2005
HIF:s arena Olympia, konferensvåning, Helsingborg

Malerierne på denne side vises for at repræsentere
kunstnerens stil, derfor ikke i øjeblikket i galleriet til salg.

The paintings on this page are shown to represent the
artist´s style, therefore not currently in the gallery for sale.
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