Thérèse Coustry, Belgium 
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Belgian artist Thérèse Coustry was born in 1950 in Casteau, Belgium. After studying art with  the painter and sculptor Roger DUDANT Christian Leroy, since 1973 she is dedicated to both teaching and painting. 

 She has shown her paintings in solo or group exhibitions worldwide  and has received several awards and prizes. 

 She worked for nearly 20 years with the gallery "Naive & Primitives" in Paris where she had a regular part of her work 

 A few years ago, she opened her own gallery in her native village in Belgium

  Malerierne på denne side vises for at repræsentere
kunstnerens stil, derfor ikke i øjeblikket i galleriet til salg.

The paintings on this page are shown to represent the
artist´s style, therefore not currently in the gallery for sale.
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