European Naive  Art , Copenhagen

6th October – 18th November 2012

Alessandra Placucci , Italy

Naif painter and illustrator. She was born in Cesena (FC) Italy, where she lives. Her works are characterized by the presence of small characters moving happily in a myriad of colors, including butterflies and bubbles, umbrellas and balloons.

On many occasions the paintings of Alessandra are used to advertise meetings and conferences on social issues relating to children.




Year 2009

Exposition de l'Association Les painters naifs in Liberté - Lavardac - France

VI European Naif Art Exhibition - Madrid - Spain

5 th World Festival of Naive Art - Verneuil-France

1 hall of Naive Art World - St. Loubes - France

Museum of Naive Art Exhibition M.A.N. - Beraut - France

17th International Festival of Naive Art - Mandra Chivasso - TO - Italy

International Exhibition Naive Art - Gallery Allarts Lisbon - Portugal

Biennial of Naive Art - Brussels - Belgium

Exposure Intarnazionale d 'Arte Naif - Pavillon Davioud-Paris-France

39 ° Edition of the International Painting Naif - Varenna (LC) Italy

International Exhibition of Art Naif - Neuilly-Plaisance France

Exposition de l'Association Les Peintres naifs en Liberté - Bassens-France

Allarts gallery - Lisbon-Portugal

2nd Biennial of Naive Art-Montivilliers-France

Exhibition Hall Municipal Art - Trieste-Italy


Year 2010

6th Biennale naive - Andresy - France

Musée d'Art Spontane - Brussels - Belgium

6th World Festival of Naive Art - Verneuil-France

3rd Festival of Naive Art - Katowice-Poland

Esposition Associazion Les Peintres naifs - Museé Dastrac - Aiguillon-France

18th International Exhibition of 'Naive Art - Herd of Chivasso (TO) Italy

Exposure Espaco Europe - Lisbon - Portugal

40th Edition International Prize for Painting naive - Varenna (LC) Italy

2nd International Exhibition of Naive Art - Allarts Gallery - Lisbon Portugal

Tribute to Henry Rousseau - Soisy sous Montmorecy - France

Tribute to Henry Rousseau - Tower Rundetaarn-Copenhagen-Denmark

Illustration "Seven stories to learn how to smile," Honey Editions

Dirk Bos Prix 2010 - Exposure to the Maison de Arts - Brussels - Belgium

Sketchbook Project Tour 2011 - USA

Art Auction - Rotary Club - Cesena-Italy

Christmas with Art ... and stories to tell - Allarts Gallery Lisbon - Portugal

Exhibition and Christmas Russian Nogent sur Marne - France


Year 2011

Exhibition Museum Midan - VICQ - Paris-France

8th European Naif Art Exhibition - Madrid - Spain

European Masters Exhibition Naif - Istanbul - Turkey

19th International Exhibition of 'Naive Art - herd of Chivasso (TO) Italy

4th Festival of Naive Art - Katowice-Poland

Biennial of Naive Art - Brussels - Belgium

41 ° Edition of the International Naif Painting - Varenna (LC) Italy

Exposure of Naive Art - Museum M.A.N. - Beraut-France

Mail Art in Friendship - Exhibition Hall Atelier ArteCarla - Imbersago (LC) Italy

Presentation of the book "A Nobel family" room Lignea Malatesta Library-Cesena (FC)

Project Waiting Fiorita - Waiting Room Pediatrics Department - Hospital M. Buffalo - Cesena

Presentation of the book "A Nobel family" - Library Giunti al Punto - Cesena (FC)

Personal Gallery Art-Crans - Montana - Crans Montana - Switzerland

Allarts com-Natal Art Gallery - Lisbon (Portugal)


Year 2012

January 2012 - Oda Gallery - Istanbul - Turkey

January 20 to February 19 2012 - Art Naif - Montevilliers - France

March 9 to May 18 2012 - IX European Naif Art Exhibition - Madrid - Spain

15 March to 3 April 2012 - IV European Exhibition of Naive Art - Marmande - France

Inclusion in the book: "The painters of the twentieth century Cesena" Attilio Bazzani




Special Prize Silver Margherita 29 ° and 32 ° S. Painting Competition Rocco - Cesena (FC)-Italy

1st Prize Gold Medal-Esposition Association de Les Peintres naifs en Liberté-Mauvezin-France

Award-XXXVIII Edition Varenna Varenna International Prize (LC)-Italy

2nd Prize 3rd Prize of the Public-Esposition Association de les Peintres naifs en Liberté - Lavardac - France

Award "Lucia di bronze" - XXXVIX Edition International Prize Varenna (LC) - Italy

2nd Prize of the Association Esposition Les Peintres naifs en Liberté - Aiguillon - France

Award Varenna - XXXX Edition International Prize Varenna (LC) - Italy

1st Prize section painters - 1st Edition competition Breathe - Rimini - Italy



Tales & Spell-publisher Ponte Vecchio

Friends of the White Stork - Publisher Ponte Vecchio

Colors and Nursery Rhymes - Publisher Farnedi

Stella and the spell of the seven days of trouble - Illustrations by volume of Public Administration-Civil Protection - Raffaelli Publisher

Cover of the book "Breathe 2" - Fara Publisher

7 stories to learn how to smile - Tiziana Mignosa - Edizioni Honey

The Nobel Family - Raffaella Candoli - Historica Editions

Illustrated calendars for years 2008-2010-2011 Association "Piccolo Mondo Onlus"