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European Naiv Art



Jean-Pierre Lorand, Belgium
Jean-Pierre Lorand studied at the "St Luc Art Institute". Since 1977 he has been frequently exhibiting in galleries and cultural events in Belgium
and many other European countries, as well as in the USA and Japan...more >

Christian Lloveras, France
Christian Lloveras sized the warm colors of the province, the laborious work of the farmers and the beauty of the snow on the nearby Pyrenees. His first exposure to CERET revealed his talent. Since then exhibitions of his work are enchaining both in France and abroad...more>
Cesare Marchesini, Italy
Cesare Marchesini, some of his paintings are exhibited in the Musée d’Art in Vicq and in the Musée in Paris and published in books on Naïve Art. In addition, his works can be seen at the Museo d’Arte Naif in Lauro (Switzerland) and in the Museo d’Arte Moderna in Stia...more

Thérèse Coustry, Belgium
Thérèse Coustry studied art with the painter and sculptor Roger DUDANT Christian Leroy. Since 1973 she is dedicated to both teaching and painting.  She has several awards and prizes to her credit and has already shown her paintings in solo or group exhibitions worldwide... more>
Elisabeth Davy-Bouttier, France
Elisabeth Davy-Bouttier  “When I paint, my paintbrush becomes a key which opens me the door of a magic land, where I stroll according to my moods” ...more>
Alessandra Placucci, Italy
Alessandra Placucci - painter and illustrator.
She participated in numerous exhibits, encountering the public and critic's favour. Alessandra works primarily in oil. Her paintings´ main characteristic is the presence of small characters moving around merrily in a flurry of colours, among butterflies and soap bubbles, umbrellas and balloons.

Aimo Katajainen, Finland
Aimo Katajainen - after the exhibitions in my own “Summer Gallery”, “Upstairs” gallery in Kotka and some of Kouvola nearby held exhibitions I got invited to a naïve art exhibition in Miami, USA. Soon I became invited to the annual exhibitions in Galeria Eboli and finally to a number of naïve art exhibitions throughout Europe...more>
Olaf Ulbricht, Germany
Olaf Ulbricht - the motifs and subjects of his paintings are marked by journeys as well as his residence in the wine-village of Vendersheim in Rhineland-Palatinate.
The admirers of these naïve paintings are particularly delighted in the peculiar atmosphere of the tiny and “cheerful worlds of wood and colour”, which have so often been considered to be lost...more>

Martha Kolodziej, Polen
Martha Kolodziej - The artist wears a captivating visual rigor, yet it acquires an environment of freshness and gaiety, because in it everything seems magical, vibrant and pungent. Her characters sometimes part with the simplicity and move into natural living in an original atmosphere with bold perspectives...more>

Raija Nokkala, Finland
Raija Nokkala Awards:Artist of the Year of Art-Association in Vakka- Suomi 1998 OAJ silver Culture-award 1998. Award for Culture works , Uusikaupunki City 2001. Culture Award, Zonta association 2001. Artist of the Year,Parkinson-accociation 2003..more>.
Guido Vedovato, Italy
Guido Vedovato - his paintings are inspired by life's scenes, peoples, animals of the mountains where he has been living for long time.
Guido Vedovato’s works were exhibited in  many countries in Europe & USA..

Mariana Mihut, Romania
Mariana Mihut - the fourth generation of a family of naive painters.  INTERNATIONAL  GROUP  EXHIBITIONS with Naive Art: Salon International d'Art Naif Hall Square to Flour Versailles 2011; 6th Biennial of Naïve Art Andrésy 2010 Salon International d'Art Naif Soisy sous Montmorency...more>

Mile Davidovic, Serbia
Mile Davidovic citizen of the world. Since March 2002 he is a member of the International Association of Naive Art seated in Paris. His paintings have been exhibited in nearly 50 countries on all the five continents...more>
Laura Esteban Ferreiro, Spain
Laura Esteban  - Awards Spanish National Association of Artists & Sculptors First Prize. 1995. First Prize for Best Spanish Work. XXIV Naïve Art International Contest. Morges(Switzerland). 1995 First Prize. Junta de Turismo da Costa do Estoril. XVIII International Naïve Art Exhibition. Museums:
Bages (France),Musée International d’Art Naïf. Les Palais des Naïfs, Burgos ...more

Per-Olof Olsson, Sweden
Per-Olof Olsson works with oil on canvas, gouache, lithographs and sculptures. Besides numerous exhibitions to galleries and companies all over Sweden, he has also exhibited his paintings abroad, for example in the Spain, France, U.S.A., Germany, Denmark, Israel and Finland...more>

Tito Lucaveche, Spain
Tito Lucaveche started painting in Madrid in the “Naïve” style. Since 1979 he has exhibited regularly in Spain, France, Switzerland, Holland, Italy & Nord America. His works can be found in Museums, Foundations & Collections in Europe and Nord America... more>
Amalia Fernandez de Córdoba, Spain
Amalia Fernández de Córdoba in  Museums: Musée de la Ville de Madrid.- Musée International Palacio Villardompardo (Jaén-España)-Musée D’art Contemporanée, In Huete (Cuenca-España)-Musée D’Art Naif in Luzzara (Italia)-Musée D’art Naif in Guimaraes (Portugal), Fondation Camilo José Cela (La Coruña-España)- Fondation IBERCAJA –Fondation CEPSA...more>
Carole Perret, Switzerland
Carole Béatrice Perret paints harlequins placed within scenes of a magical, child-like universe, where everything seems possible, the toys and all other objects mysteriously seem to come to life. However, she is most famous for her paintings that explore a world full of imagination and fantasy, where her nuns, strictly wearing a blue habit and a white coif, seem to have been put in place with a twinkle and childish impertinence. Since many years...more>

Cristóbal Martin, Spain
Cristóbal Martín Studies at the Arts Faculty of Sevilla and devotes himself to teaching drawing and painting in High Schools. He starts painting in the Naïf style and participates from 2006 on in the European Naïf Art Exhibitions...more>
Gracia Risueño, Spain
Gracia Risueño - Her paintings are characterized by translating characters and social customs of another age together with her childhood memories, which are a journey to another time...more>
Fred Breebaart, The Nederland
Fred Breebaartis paintings noticeably capture a longing to return to the honest simplicity of childhood - streets, landscapes, festivities and especially people - colours of the four seasons in which he paints. Beauty, composition and architecture are always the basic background, emphasizing strongly the naivety of his people and giving the general illusion of innocence...more>



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